Technology advances toward gem and metal traceability

Mining market already has platform that lets you know how to optimize operations

Buying a jewel at retail and knowing where exactly the gold and gemstones came from is no longer fiction. Traceability technology advances and increases the ability to know the entire pathway of a given raw material from its origin to the final product.

Now a company has announced the launch of a platform that promises to bring efficiency and transparency in the operations of metals and gems. MineHub Technologies has developed an enhancement technology for managing and selling natural resources that can be used by many types of companies, including large mining companies that cater to the jewelry industry worldwide. According to MineHub Technologies, the global mining and metals market suffers from inefficiencies due to manual paper-based processes. In addition to being rudimentary, in this process  transparency is not always present among supply chain participants, a fact that contributes to a lack of trust.

With the new technology, it will be possible to digitize the supply chain, increasing automation levels and providing greater traceability. These way users of the platform will be able to improve operations, improve profit margins and contribute to business sustainability and give end-user guarantees about the origin of the material used in the product.

MineHub enables actors involved in the sale, purchase, delivery and payment of a mineral cargo to work in an integrated flow, sharing electronic information rather than mailing or e-mailing paper documents subject to interception, fraud and cyber threats.

The new technology will also be useful for simplifying these operations, improving key process efficiency and bringing a new level of confidence and transparency by automating the capture of mineral data. This is a breakthrough that will pave the way for traceability reports for metals such as gold, silver, platinum and others used in the jewelry industry. It will certainly impact jewelry sales.