Technologies that will be on the rise by 2020

Check out the trends that will drive the industries this year

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, changing the lives of people and businesses. In this year that marks the beginning of a new decade, industries, including the jewelry industry, will be even more attentive to technological development so as not to miss their passport to the future. Check below the main trends that will lead 2020.


Technology to automate tasks that were done by people will reach a new level with hyperautomatization. Thanks to the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, processes will be increasingly automated and simplified.

Transparency and traceability

The crisis of consumer confidence in technology, especially regarding the use of their data, will lead companies to recognize the increased responsibility for storing and collecting data. Companies should prepare for this trend by focusing on ethics, integrity, openness, competence, consistency and accountability.

Edge computing empowerment

It’s time to start thinking about technology jewelry. Think of bracelets that store health data from the wearer. Or on necklaces with tracking devices. Edge computing will be on the rise to connect any object and bridge the gap between information processing, collection and delivery of content to information sources. Edge computing will bring key applications and services closer to the people who use them.


Blockchain is already being used in experimental ways and in small projects today, but in the coming years it will be quite scalable, changing the relationship between consumers and jewelry. The technology enables asset tracking back to their origin, giving confidence and credibility to jewelry that works with certified and sustainable sourced gold and gemstones.