Prince’s jewel has technology

Prince Harry wears smart accessory with technological functions

Debora Rodrigues

Prince Harry seems to have shifted his focus from his wedding rings to the Oura ring, a smart accessory that uses heart rate, movement and temperature sensors to track sleep. Since he was in Australia and New Zealand, the Duke of Sussex has been seen wearing this jewel which costs between $ 230 and $ 1,150.

The model worn by the prince is metallic black and made of platinum. The technology includes body temperature sensors that read the user’s body every minute and can compare it with information obtained during sleep. The ring also employs infrared LEDs to measure blood volume as it moves to the finger. The last component is a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope, which can identify “the range and intensity of body movement,” according to its manufacturer.

The accessory comes with an app that provides the user with the sleep score, the physical activity score and the readiness score, which takes into account your wearer’s “sleep balance” and the sleep quality of the previous day. Many world celebrities have been spotted using physical activity trackers in recent times. Ryan Reynolds, Gwyneth Paltrow, Obama and Stephen Colbert. But this is the first time royalty has come into public with such a relatively unknown device like the Oura Ring.

But the company’s days of near anonymity are over now that the duke has embraced the piece. The international press, attentive to the royal jewels, have already reported and discovered details of the company. Oura began producing its smart jewelry in 2015 and was an immediate success. So in 2016, the Finland-based company raised $ 5.3 million to support the ring development project. That same year, it was honored and received the Best of Innovation Award from CES. This year the second generation of the ring was introduced,which Prince Harry now wears. It is smaller than the original and allows users to customize the device.