For Brazilian companies, technology is a central part of business evolution, study reveals

Cloud software, e-commerce and mobile payments are the bets of Brazilian executives to gain market share globally.

Research by Sage, the market leader in cloud management solutions, reveals that Brazilian companies are betting on technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart, innovations capable of delivering exponential experiences, and high speed broadband as the tools that will make a difference in their business over the next five years. The first two years. The first two items on this list were cited by half of the respondents.

In the United States and Australia, for example, the most relevant technologies are smart, 5G and high speed and mobile broadband. The consensus covers the 12 markets surveyed in the Sage-commissioned “We Power the Nation” survey by YouGov, which surveyed 2994 executives to measure their expectations of international trade among companies around the world. The most cited were cloud software, e-commerce and mobile payments. In Brazil, these items were mentioned by, respectively, 50%, 54% and 35% of respondents. In Spain and South Africa these items were also the most commented.
When asked about the three main steps the government should take to facilitate international trade, the most cited by Brazilian companies were removal of trade barriers (40%), promotion of investments, incentives and financing (40%) and the provision of better technology tools (37%), an important point for advancing the era of globalization. Of the other countries interviewed, those closest to this were Spain (35%), South Africa (33%) and Malaysia (31%). According to Jorge Santos Carneiro, President of Sage in Brazil and South America, “Almost 40% of executives point to the need for greater investment in technology as a way to leverage international business, which demonstrates a growing perception of the market regarding relevance of the theme to business development ”.

By contrast, those most distanced from these terms were the United Kingdom (16%), the United States (17%), Australia (22%), Ireland (22%), Germany (25%) and Switzerland. From this second group, only Ireland is not ranked in the CTA ranking of the most prominent countries in technology in 2018, which takes into account investments in this area to generate jobs.

Concerning international trade, Brazilian companies are also the ones that most claimed to use software to automate and ensure compliance when exporting and importing goods (62%), a number that drops dramatically in the United Kingdom (22%) and Germany. (31%) for example.