Fisher do Brasil presents three new equipment and a new certificate standard for the jewelry industry

Specializing in precision and non-destructive measurement technology for precious materials, Fisher do Brasil brings to TECNOGOLD 2019 four new solutions for the jewelry industry.

Aiming to serve the Brazilian market according to the new Inmetro Ordinance 43 aimed at determining cadmium and lead in traces (ppm), the German multinational developed the XAN-250. According to engineer Matheus Petreche, the new equipment is “dedicated to the high precision and rapid determination of gold alloys and the concentration of impurities”. It also accurately detects galvanic coating thickness and bath concentration in g / L non-destructively and without sample preparation.

Already the XDL-240 is the FRX equipment that controls process and quality in coating thickness of precious metals such as gold, rhodium, silver and others. According to Petreche, due to its large motorized automatic analysis table, the XDL-240 also takes quick and accurate readings of several parts at once and even allows control of major elements and high concentrations in liquid solutions and baths.

Sigmascope GOLD is the portable equipment for fast, non-destructive authentication of gold bars and coins made using the conductive method, which complies with international standards ASTM E-1004 and DIN-50994. It also allows for quick verification of tungsten forgery, for example.

And to ensure the quality of the measurements taken and ensure the best accuracy of analysis, the engineer highlights the new line of certified standards, both for element concentrations in gold and silver alloys, and for the determination of precious metal coatings thickness.