Espaço Mix School mark its presence with cultural actions at TECNOGOLD 2019

Aligned with the context of the creative economy, a school of jewelry and design Espaço Mix brings to TECNOGOLD 2019 two exhibitions, one of jewelry and the other of photography, and a chat with experts from various areas of jewelry.

“From dust to dust” is an award-winning collection that is part of the “Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition by Brazilian Designers” held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris last October. Sound partner and coordinator of the school’s design courses, Biane Motta, a collection consists of six pieces that raise questions about the most natural cycle of life: to be born, to grow, to reproduce and to die.

The photographic exhibition ‘A Look at the Jewel’ draws attention to the plurality of interpretations. According to Motta, “all art is a sign decoded by the look that goes beyond the vision, and is built on experiences, individual readings that make unique beings, each with its own eyes, captures unique meanings.” Clicked by Rafael Coelho, ten works portrayed by six designers made of metals and stones, highlighted by the peculiar design of the light photographed by the photographer, making this new combination a new available to the public eye for newer meanings ”.

The schedule of the chats with the experts brings topics related to technique and management, such as embroidery, metal crochet, filigree, authorial jewelry, ceramic modeling eco-jewelry, mountings, resin, titanium, design, branding, collection development, entrepreneurship, photography, image and digital marketing. Click here to see the schedule and meet the professionals.

Designers: Biane Motta, Denise Maestrello, Elaine Namba, Flora Borges, Sarah Silva and Wagner Livrari.