Direct 3D printing on wax is the highlight of CGN Prosthetic Solutions

The highlight of CGN Prosthetic Solutions are the Australian Asiga 3D printers, the only ones in the market that make direct printing on wax. Three models stand out in the jewelry industry.


Large-scale producers have an eye on Freeform PRO2, the professional printer capable of producing up to 100 rings in 1 hour. It is nowadays Asiga’s largest device, offering 3 print tray settings (96 x54 x 200mm, 119 x 67 x 200mm, 144 x 81 x 200mm) and 3 precision adjustment possibilities (50, 62 0u 75 microns). It serves companies in the making of foundry molds and jewelry models.

The Asiga MAX is the most cost effective model considering accuracy (62 microns) and printable area (119 x 67 x 76mm). It is a great ally of the creative and development team as it reproduces the most complex and imaginable formats. Its printing area allows for production versatility, producing up to 80 rings per working hour.

And the PICO2 HD is the smallest HD 3D printer in the world (260 x 380 x 505mm and 18kg), but do not fool yourself when it comes to its size, as it delivers up to 30 ring capacity in 1 hour with excellent accuracy of 27 microns. It is ideal for making jewel and matrix molds with a large enough print tray (51.8 x 29 x 75mm) to print some larger items such as bracelets.