Become a tecnogold exhibitor

Present your products and services to the thriving Brazilian market that covers 3,000 factories, considered the largest jewelery industrial park in Latin America, and 8,000 retail outlets.

TECNOGOLD’s product mix includes machinery for prototyping, cutting and engraving for gold, silver and brass, high precision machining, laser technologies for gold  jewelery, welding equipment, laminators, 3D modeling technologies, 3D printing, finishes, metals, inputs and raw materials, pre-alloys, plating, natural and synthetic gems, etc. various tools and utensils (lenses, special lamps, silicone molds, blueprints), security products (armored doors, etc. among others).

The mix of services includes providers in the areas of design, recording, cutting and modeling, security, analysis laboratories, software and applications, consultancies (branding, product development, formatting collections, etc. schools (in-person and online courses), among others specifically aimed at projects in the jewelery sector.

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